Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Too many providers.

  • Way too much time lost in communication.

  • Too hard to move forward efficiently.

  • Many mistakes occur at the end because of lack of anticipation, therefore riskier investments.

  • No global accompaniment.

Typical problems of too many suppliers

The ideal solution: one provider to handle everything for you…

  • One provider + one factory, that’s it.

  • Everything is simpler & faster.

  • Maximum anticipation for maximum safety of product development investments.

  • Full global accompaniment.

The ideal solution of Nickel-Chrome: one provider to handle everything for you…
Nickel-Chrome, European skills & mindset in China

European skills & mindset in China

It is crucial for our project managers, designers, engineers and quality control experts to know and understand the expectations of our clients’ managers. That is why our lead designers are Europeans. Not just for their skills, but also their mindset, their understanding of European consumers’ needs and European market trends.

Our dir­ect­ors and man­agers are all European born / stud­ied in Europe / worked for or with European com­pan­ies for many years. We know very well that loss in trans­la­tion is nev­er only a mat­ter of lan­guage, but also a mat­ter of cul­ture and experience.

No timeout in conception

No time is lost to check technical solutions, trying to have everyone in Europe available for meetings, waiting for samples or travelling to factories abroad. We are in China, either on-site or there in a couple of hours to find and test the solutions. And your reports of our activity are just a click away.

Our indus­tri­al design teams work exactly like an in-house design depart­ment. They work in close rela­tion­ship with your stra­tegic mar­ket­ing depart­ment in Europe, but remotely from China, which is now very easy. That way, they can be more effi­cient, using the full bene­fit of their tech­nic­al know-how and design to cost skills by being close to the factor­ies that will man­u­fac­ture your products.

Nickel-Chrome, no timeout in conception
Nickel-Chrome, 6x times more secured developments

6x times more secured developments

Developing products involves lots of investments in time, technologies, moulds, raw materials, intellectual property, manufacturing, packaging, certifications, marketing, transport… So, any problem being found at a late stage involves massive time and money loss. It is even more if you count (and you definitely should) the late arrival on the market, the loss of revenues and the potential loss in market shares. And, if a product sells poorly, it will take a lot of time before a new product can replace it. Therefore, any process to secure the product development process is not only a safe investment, but a growth factor.

1. With our design team + your design team, we have twice the chance to final­ise a great design.

2. Our sys­tem­at­ic assess­ment of your supplier’s engin­eer­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing cap­ab­il­it­ies ensures that our design teams are set to work with your exact cap­ab­il­it­ies in mind. So you are sure to be able to man­u­fac­ture all our designs.

3. Our optim­isa­tion pro­cess of design to cost guar­an­tees both a sim­pler, faster and secured engin­eer­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing stages. So you can afford the design and keep or increase your margins.

4. Our very close‑up man­age­ment of engin­eer­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing follow‑up, along with our reports at all steps, helps you to keep a close con­trol of the whole process.

5. Our cer­ti­fic­a­tion and export sup­port rein­force the safety of your man­u­fac­tur­ing and ship­ping processes.

6. With your time to mar­ket being reduced and the reli­ab­il­ity of the devel­op­ment pro­cess being increased, your fin­an­cial risk is less than ever.

An ally at all steps

Before Nickel‑Chrome, clients had to make all decisions alone without any overall support. They were supposed to know everything and be sure that they never missed anything, sometimes having to manage various external partners at each stage. And without any single external eye capable of understanding and perceiving everything they had to handle. This time is over.

Nickel‑Chrome provides cli­ents with advice and sup­port on a glob­al scale. We are at your side at all steps so you can be sure to take all the best decisions. For all the pro­jects you entrust us, we take care of everything thanks to our com­pre­hens­ive pro­cess and you have a single con­tact per­son to man­age and dis­cuss every part of your project.

Nickel‑Chrome is respons­ible for the whole devel­op­ment pro­cess, from the begin­ning to the end, includ­ing help on the mar­ket­ing launch. We know it is the only way to make sure that all products are match­ing the con­sumers’ expect­a­tions, your brand image and being prof­it­able for you.

Nickel‑Chrome is simply the easi­est way to cre­ate new products in a reli­able, fast and eco­nom­ic­al way. We do all the indus­tri­al design intern­ally, with engin­eer­ing, man­u­fac­tur­ing qual­ity and cost con­trol in mind since the begin­ning. We then man­age all the engin­eer­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing done by your factor­ies in China. We provide guid­ance, tech­nic­al sup­port, but also all the pro­ject man­age­ment and follow‑up, so your sup­pli­ers’ engin­eers, machines and work­ers work in the most effi­cient and qual­it­at­ive way.

We are always available to provide you help and a relevant external eye for all your product development decisions. Because we’re an ally, not just a partner.

Nickel-Chrome, an ally at all steps
Nickel-Chrome, an efficient accompaniment suited to all industries

An efficient accompaniment suited to all industries

We are here to help you on the following industries: home appliances, lighting, electronic consumer goods, electrical appliances, baby products, toys, cookware, furniture, tools… would you be startups, SMEs or large international groups.

A turnkey service

Nickel‑Chrome offers you a turnkey service, from design to engineering, prototyping and manufacturing, all through a single contact person, all remotely. Our product development service is all made to be efficient, reliable and stress-free manufacturing, while being cost-effective.

Nickel-Chrome, a turnkey service
Potential risks without Nickel-Chrome

Potential risks without us

Let’s make things clearer with typical risks of a classic product development with a client left alone with a factory…

1. Requirements are taken as is and more than 85% of the time, the require­ments are miss­ing inform­a­tion that leads to a loss of money. Time is lost in product devel­op­ment, which means more costly devel­op­ments. Therefore, time to mar­ket is increased and, with it, few­er sales & profits, but also more risks: poten­tial price increase in raw mater­i­als or com­pon­ents + reduced product life­cycle as the product missed its ideal launch time.

2. The ini­tial design is match­ing the brand DNA, but the fact­ory can­’t make the design as is, so mul­tiple revi­sions are required. More and more of the ini­tial design spir­it and appeal is lost along the way. Finally, either the design is too altered to be appeal­ing to con­sumers and the brand, or it would be too expens­ive for the mar­ket. The brand could not reduce its mar­gins and could not risk launch­ing a product that would be per­ceived as too expens­ive for the brand. Therefore, a whole product devel­op­ment has to be done again, which means lots of time, money and time to mar­ket are lost.

3. Client is alone to take all decisions, as extern­al part­ners are only respons­ible for their work. So, some­times, mis­takes are made with some cru­cial ele­ments dur­ing com­mer­cial launch. A pack­aging that ruins the user exper­i­enceor advert­ising with poor argu­ments in favour of the product, for example.

Concrete benefits of our concept

Let’s make things clearer with some business data based on a real case scenario for a desk light for Philips…

1. Requirements are clearly under­stood and fully matured, as they are developed in a joint effort between the cli­ent and us. Magnetic head fea­ture was inven­ted by us and jointly developed with Philips. The product was released on the mar­ket as planned, with no extra costs. Desk light has a long product life­cycle (3 years so far), 200 000 pieces were sold, for a total of 60 mil­lion RMB, for a mar­gin of 13,2 mil­lion RMB for Philips.

2. The ini­tial design was right on track regard­ing both the design lan­guage / brand DNA and the man­u­fac­tur­ing costs. So, no sur­prises for Philips and a simple product devel­op­ment (6 months), as the product gets bet­ter and bet­ter with the joint efforts / com­ments from Nickel-Chrome and Philips design and engin­eer­ing teams. The fact­ory can man­u­fac­ture the product without any prob­lem or unex­pec­ted costs.

3. Additional sup­port is always avail­able, so we designed a smart pack­aging and helped to find the product name. But we could also have helped with advice on addi­tion­al CMF or the product page web design / advert­ising, for example. As we were involved since the very begin­ning, it is always easy for us to bring our cli­ents a rel­ev­ant extern­al per­spect­ive and advice at every step.

Philips Desk Light Case Study