Marketing advice & support: benefits of an external global vision

During the development & manufacturing of your product, you need to develop all your marketing elements, from a catchy product name to the perfect advertising.

Because we were work­ing on your product since the very begin­ning, we can either sup­port you (we make for you) or advise you (we tell you why and how you could improve), so you can have the right mar­ket­ing ele­ments to give the best chances for your product to be a success.

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15 services to advise or support you

For almost all our services, you choose either to get our advice (we tell you why and how you could improve what you share with us) or our support (we do it for you). For advertising, we only advise, we never create advertising.

Product photoshoot

Before launch­ing your new product, we take stu­dio pic­tures of your product.

Pictures are on white back­ground, so you can eas­ily use them on your pack­aging or website.

Product Graphic User Interface design (GUI)

In con­tinu­ation of the design study of your product, we cre­ate the out­line of its inter­face (GUI) to bring an over­all con­sist­ency to your project.

The cre­ation of the inter­face design (ergo­nom­ic charter com­bined with the graph­ic charter) allows com­mu­nic­at­ing bet­ter with the devel­op­ment team on the essence and prin­ciples of the new inter­face design.

It is also use­ful to the pro­ject team because it allows com­mu­nic­at­ing on the user exper­i­ence, con­dens­ing and sum­mar­ising the con­tents, which can be found on the product interface.

DNA Brand / Products values

Your busi­ness, your brand and your products have a DNA pro­file, as do your com­pet­it­ors. For many, this DNA pro­file is a res­ult of who they are and what they do. For more con­scious and auda­cious com­pan­ies, DNA is a power­ful tool to cre­ate max­im­um impact for their brand and devel­op unique and highly dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing products.

But only if it is developed with a pro­fes­sion­al extern­al eye and a well thought process.

Together, we define your busi­ness, brand and product val­ues to achieve cul­tur­al fit and glob­al con­sist­ency. Nickel-Chrome then cre­ates your DNA Design Identity. This is a highly oper­a­tion­al guide for the design and devel­op­ment of your products. It is a valu­able tool provid­ing in-depth under­stand­ing of the essence of your brand and what makes it unique: spe­cif­ic, iden­ti­fi­able and trans­fer­able char­ac­ter­ist­ics to under­pin and ori­ent future product developments.

Cosmetic design

In con­tinu­ation of the design study of your product, we cre­ate a range of col­ours and graph­ics to expand your range. This will give more choice to your cli­ents, while keep­ing an optim­um over­all design con­sist­ency, as it is made by the same design­ers who cre­ated your design and brought it its matur­ity stage.

We define the best cos­met­ic to offer based on the cur­rent trends and your brand image. We also give you a rel­ev­ant mar­ket­ing name for each of the cos­met­ic, both for effi­ciency and con­sist­ency. All cos­met­ics are made to be ready for pro­duc­tion, includ­ing the silk­screens, so no mis­takes could be made dur­ing production.

Packaging / Web / Advertising advice

We advise you on what to modi­fy / improve on the pack­aging / web page / advert­ising for the product we designed for you (as we are the ones who under­stand it the most).

Packaging design

In con­tinu­ation of the design study of your product, we cre­ate the design of its pack­aging in order to bring an over­all con­sist­ency to your project.

Product pack­aging is of great import­ance in your brand mar­ket­ing strategy. Indeed, it must be used to ini­ti­ate the act of purchase.

Your pack­aging is designed to show­case your product and seduce cus­tom­ers the first time they see it. It should also allow for an imme­di­ate iden­ti­fic­a­tion of your brand on shelves.

And, of course, it needs to improve the whole user exper­i­ence to con­sumers and users.

Design genesis

We have seen so many design geneses that does not sound true and hon­est to know it should always be done by the design­ers who were the real cre­at­ors of the design (in our case Nickel‑Chrome design­ers), not a com­mu­nic­a­tion depart­ment or even an in-house depart­ment, even if they were present dur­ing some parts of the design development.

Consumers can feel if what is said seems true or makes sense to them. Plus, they like to know how the product came to life.

That is why Nickel‑Chrome can cre­ate the design gen­es­is of the product we developed togeth­er. It will be dir­ectly explained by its design­ers, includ­ing their sources of inspir­a­tions, trend boards and pro­ject mile­stones with pic­tures and videos, but also the evol­u­tion of mock-ups/prototypes and, of course, why the final design makes it a good product for consumers.

It can also be used to show the brand in a good way: as part­ners it is always good to work with, with a brand that really care of envir­on­ment and users. And this mes­sage always has more power when it does not come dir­ectly from the brand, but by a third-party.

Owner manual design

Depending on the kind of the situ­ation, we can either design the own­er manu­al of your product (but trans­la­tions will be done by Client), or we can give Client sug­ges­tions on how to make their own­er manu­als bet­ter for con­sumers (cre­at­ing the graph­ic charts and provid­ing advice).

Design / Market active monitoring

We con­duct yearly or punc­tu­al tech­nic­al / tech­no­lo­gic­al mon­it­or­ing (new fea­tures, applic­a­tions…) and/or mar­ket mon­it­or­ing (mar­ket going down or shift­ing to dif­fer­ent busi­ness mod­el…) in an effi­cient way to provide the Client with inter­est­ing ideas of product/service devel­op­ment or anti­cip­at­ing mar­ket changes.

Protecting Client’s mar­ket from poten­tial harm­ful unnoticed / under­es­tim­ated mar­ket trends by detect­ing them and provid­ing advice before it is too late to react. We also con­duct a mon­it­or­ing of the evol­u­tion of con­sumers’ habits and design trends.

Sourcing design consulting

Before sourcing the product for its intern­al parts (in case that is your strategy), we will advise you on which products to source (based on your ini­tial selec­tion) on a design point of view.

Like this, you will be able to source products that will have great poten­tial for redesign.

Application to design award competitions

Efficiently pre­pare all the doc­u­ments required by the vari­ous design award com­pet­i­tions selec­ted by the Client, doing (if neces­sary) addi­tion­al 3D ren­der­ings or videos.

We val­id­ate the files and inform­a­tion with the Client before each registration.

Focus groups

Checking if the design could have the approv­al of con­sumers by present­ing them ideally a pro­to­type that is as real­ist­ic as cur­rently pos­sible. Identify weak points, con­fus­ing oper­at­ing pro­ced­ures, non-ergonomic parts and unsat­is­fied needs. Identify strengths, val­id­at­ing ergo­nom­ics and over­all design approval.

Product naming

During the final­isa­tion of the design study, we ima­gine and form­al­ise the name of your product or service.

The name of a product (as the name of a com­pany or a brand) is very import­ant and influ­ence the beha­viour of con­sumers; It must high­light your offer.

We pro­pose you a rel­ev­ant product name, linked to a uni­verse that will appeal to con­sumers and allow them to bet­ter remem­ber the name of your product, and by exten­sion, your brand.

Logo design

This ser­vice is espe­cially suited to start-ups.

To con­cret­ise your brand image, we design your brand’s logo. We also estab­lish a guideline on how your brand’s logo should be put on your products, so you can keep the best con­sist­ency between your doc­u­ments and your products.

It is also use­ful to the pro­ject team because it allows com­mu­nic­at­ing on the user exper­i­ence bet­ter, con­dens­ing and sum­mar­ising the con­tents which can be found on the product interface.

Business cards & letterhead design

This ser­vice is espe­cially suited to start-ups.

In con­tinu­ation of the design study of your brand’s logo, we cre­ate your logo’s tem­plates of busi­ness cards and let­ter­head, so you can dir­ectly start with the main ele­ments of your com­mu­nic­a­tion at an afford­able cost, and in total con­sist­ency with your brand image.